Drager Farms: Growing Great Food in Lancaster County

DRAGER FARMS, LLC is the first farm in Pennsylvania to be dually Certified Grassfed by AGW and Animal Welfare Approved for its cattle raising practices. Drager Farms is committed to raising happy, healthy animals in a sustainable way — chemical free and close to the land. All of our animals are treated humanely from start to finish, without the use of GMOs, antibiotics or hormones. We believe in being a positive change in the farming world, growing food that's GOOD FOR YOU and GOOD FOR NATURE. Read More...


Our Grassfed Cows | Drager Farms, Marietta PA

100% Grassfed Beef

Drager Farms has been raising a herd of 100% grassfed beef since 2014. They receive no GMO feed, no hormones, no antibiotics and live in a way that nature intended. Our cattle raising practices are Animal Welfare Approved and are

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Pastured Pigs | Drager Farms, Marietta PA

Pastured Pork

Drager Farms pastured pork is humanely raised in our meadows and wood lots. Our piglets start out at a Niman Ranch approved family farm. All Niman Ranch farmers must follow strict protocols based on sustainability and humane practices. Once the

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Farm Fresh Recipes

Wondering how to prepare your Drager Farms quality meat? Check out these delicious recipes put together by Nathan’s fiancée Christel.

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Drager Farms has quickly sold out of the Fall 2018 beef share. (THANK YOU!) If you wanted to place an order, but missed your window of opportunity, please email or call. I *might* be able to put together and eighth or a quarter for you depending on what you're looking for. 100% Grass Fed. Humanely raised. No GMOs. No antibiotics. No hormones. CLEAN EATING AT ITS FINEST! We also have a limited supply of standard cut pork shares available for pick up at the farm. Pigs were processed fall 2017. 717-951-0327 or nathan@dragerfarms.com

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